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A little green ink

     I once had a boss who would send my monthly financial statements marked up with red and green pens.  Red was bad.  Green was good.  Having spent several days hacking, slashing and carpet bombing my manuscript, I’m pausing to … Continue reading

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A couple book reviews

     In the shade of a spreading oak tree, I knocked out a couple books this weekend.      The first was The Convalescent by Jessica Anthony.  In full disclosure, she is my faculty advisor this semester.  It is unlikely she’ll … Continue reading

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Randomocity on Wednesday

     I have been bemused by the outcry against the verdict of the latest trial du jour to grasp our collective consciousness (wow, three prepositions in a row there.  I might go for four).  People see these highly publicized cases … Continue reading

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Why I Write

     So, I’m reading this book called Why I Write for grad school.  It is a collection of essays by well known authors about what brings them to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.  While the rationales vary … Continue reading

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