Randomocity on Wednesday

     I have been bemused by the outcry against the verdict of the latest trial du jour to grasp our collective consciousness (wow, three prepositions in a row there.  I might go for four).  People see these highly publicized cases and are shocked by our legal system.  What do they think goes on with all the cases we never hear about?  I personally know of a nearly three year old murder where the Barney Fife law enforcement can’t even find a suspect to arrest and try.  While our legal system has its flaws, it is one of the better outcomes of this little American experiment.  It is certainly better than reality television.

     I was recently taken to task for the name of my blog.  To be honest, “Thoughtvomit” is one of my more benign ideas.  I previously kept a blog on myspace (remember myspace?) called “Shit that spews from my head.”  That had over 30,000 views.  I wanted to call this one “It is my fucking opinion, and I don’t care about yours”, but the meds kicked in and I reconsidered.  I also liked the simple “Fuck you” for a title.  Imagine the conversations….

     “Did you read fuck you?”

     “Fuck me?”

     “No, Fuck you.”

     “Well, fuck you too.”

     I’ll stick with my happy little Thought Vomit.

     My fellow SNHU grad student and very talented writer, Rob Greene, put up a great post about writer productivity.  Read it here:  http://rwwgreene.blogspot.com/2011/07/speed-of-write.html?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=twitterfeed.    He cites the examples of several renowned authors who put their asses in a seat and write every day.  It debunks the mystical, magical, gleaming light from above and a chorus of angels creative process so many artists claim.  A lot of times it is just a lot of hard work. 

     I don’t lack the discipline to write on a schedule.  I can place my ass in chair, fingers on keyboard and churn pages and pages……..of shit.  I personally need the muse of inspiration to visit.  What I think I manage to do reasonably well is be disciplined when she does show up.  I have skipped dinner parties and evenings out.  I’ve even left a bed with a certain beautiful, sunny woman in it to go write.  In fairness to me, we were only going to sleep.

     I think we all find our means of productivity.  I suspect the key is to be disicplined and true to whatever means that is.  Coleridge created his best poem while high out of his mind; and he forgot most of it before he could write it down.  The creative process is work.  Even god was worn out after a week.

     An excellent Tour de France is under way.  Average speed of today’s stage was close to thirty miles an hour.  For perspective, most of us could not make a bike go thirty miles an hour for one second.  When I was a competitive racer, I think the top speed I ever hit on flat ground was about 34 miles an hour.  I maintained that for about a hundred yards.  These amazing athletes do it for over a hundred miles then get up and do it again for three straight weeks.  Even though there is no American named Lance, watch the Tour any way to see the upper reaches of human achievement. 

     Brain flushed.  Peace out.

     I’m Darren.  I write.  (I’m repeating that because I really like it.)


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6 Responses to Randomocity on Wednesday

  1. kim catron says:

    Love your name for the blog! Wouldn’t change it. I’ve got to start this blogging thing…don’t I?

  2. Rob Greene says:

    Maybe your Blog title should be, “I’m Darren; I write.”

  3. I’m going to read your “fuck you” exchange to my Mom today (not to worry, she can handle the f-bomb) … more or less to prove there are other writers out there worthy of her prayers to Jesus. As always, funny stuff, Darren.

  4. Shane Remer says:

    Darren, this is awesome. I’ve loved reading your vomit. Keep upchucking.

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