I feel a rant coming on….

So, the NBA has decided to grace us all with their presence come Christmas.  Did anyone really notice the absence of NBA games?  They have a shitty product for 7 months until the playoffs start any way.  To the NBA team owners who can’t find a way to make money:  go out of business because you’re fucking stupid.  To the NBA players:  you are wealthy because you’re tall or can bounce a ball well.  The former was accidental and the latter has pretty much no redeeming value.  To the owners and players:  did anyone consider all the ancillary people who aren’t rich but rely on your stupid fucking game for their livelihoods?  Didn’t think so.

Congress et al, someone, anyone grow a pair, take an economics course, and quit fucking pretending it is the other side’s fault we can’t balance the budget.  We can stop feeding impoverished youths altogether, quit funding bridges to nowhere, and any other incidental bullshit example one side holds up as the epitome of the other side’s idiocy.  It won’t matter.  Do.  The.  Math.  Either man up and start cutting military or medicaid spending or just fucking admit you have no testicles and have crawled up your most generous lobbyist’s ass.

Why is the military a sacred cow when it comes to budget and spending issues?  I have nothing but admiration and respect for the people who serve.  However, I served too.  I saw firsthand that we have the most overfunded, poorly managed, inept leadership, inefficient, wasteful organization that money can buy.  Any small business, hell, any major corporation, that operated with the military’s belief in a bottomless well of funding would go out of business tomorrow.  Of course, the major corporations, at least the smart ones, have purchased a few members of congress so they can get away with being similarly inefficient.

Speaking of the military…..well, our use of it….  Pakistan, go fuck yourselves.  Cut off our military supply lines?  How about we make a parking lot out of your terrorist breeding country?  We are, at least currently, the only superpower.  Let’s stop pretending we’re all over the middle east for any reason except our own interests.  We should either leave altogether or say, “fuck you, this is what we’re going to do,” and quit letting our soldiers die while we pretend we’re not 100% in the regime change game.

If you feel the need to pepper spray your fellow Walmart shoppers to get that super discounted item, you probably have something better you could use that money for….say Mental health assistance or rent.

If you’re a public employee, and you use the word “pension” in your list of entitlements, go out and poll all your acquaintances to see if any of them are provided a retirement plan.  Then, use your time machine to join the rest of us in 2011.  It isn’t our job to pay for your retirement.  It may have been “part of the deal” when you signed on.  Guess what?  Shit happens.  Businesses go out of business all the time.  Promises made in good faith are chapter 11’ed.  Your municipality isn’t going out of business because we pay for it so be happy you get to keep your job.  We’re not obligated to buy your condo in Florida.  Use social security like the rest of us…until that goes insolvent.

Black Friday…..really?  From what I saw on the news, it seems our recession is quite over. 

I’m going to go eat more turkey.


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4 Responses to I feel a rant coming on….

  1. Tom Scoville says:

    Gee, any thoughts on Occupy Wall Street?

  2. Suzi says:

    Darren, I loved your rant! We need to get people like you in public office. My state had to layoff 4,000 teachers last summer, while several retirees here are collecting 40K per MONTH from the public employees’ retirement system. Just think what we could provide to our students if all the money wasn’t already spoken for by the rich retirees!

  3. zencherry says:

    Bwhahaa! Oh my gosh. Keep vomiting D.R., keep vomiting. Love it! 😉

  4. I’m with you on the NBA, brother … who cares except the poor SOBs working the concession stands, etc.?

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