A vile, ignorant man speaks

Todd Akin expresses his views on rape, demonstrates he’s fucking stupid, and implies the value he gives to women.  Then, despite his legislative record, illustrates his disdain for the intelligence of the voting public by stating he “mispoke”. 

That is what really pisses me off.  He’s a stupid douchebag.  Nobody with half a brain lobe can argue that.  He’s also a spineless, pandering, balless douchebag.  If he believes rape has degrees of validation and that government has the right to decree that a raped woman should bear the child regardless of danger to her health, so be it.  I’ll vehemently disagree with him, but I’ll accept that he has a right to his opinion.

But, faced with a public backlash, he runs, ducks and tries to evade his own espoused belief…all to garner votes.  Whatever any of us think of his demonstrated views or his redacted views, does anyone want a government representative who is more concerned with votes than his own convictions?

I have daughters, sisters, a mother, female friends, and a woman I love with all my heart.  For that, I am disgusted by Todd’s views.    I also think and try to be true to my ethical view of the world.  His words and actions make it clear he cares more about election than his own convictions.  That is why he is not worthy to serve in our government. 

I am curious… God forbid, but should a woman important to Todd be raped and become pregnant (in spite of that whole magical female ability to recognize rape and negate it), what would he say to her?  Would he embrace and support the child?  If it were his wife, and the pregnancy threatened her life, what would he say to her?  “Sorry, honey, it sucks to be you, but this is what God wants.  If it were a legitimate rape, you wouldn’t have become pregnant so you must have wanted it.”

My deepest sympathies to the women in Todd’s life.  My deepest sorrow if he is actually elected.  Shame on us if that happens; not because of his beliefs but because he lacks the courage to stand up for them.

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One Response to Legitimacy…..

  1. Shane Remer says:

    Well said.

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