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Another holiday done…

Yet another in the mental health series… We’re almost through another holiday season.  There is only New Year’s Eve left, and that is really just for the desperate and amateur partiers.  While battling for a parking spot, slugging it out in … Continue reading

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Come out

another in the series on mental health… I love my sister.  She is a nurturing, loving mother.  She is a warm hearted person who loves to laugh and make people happy.  I call her Keebler because she might be an … Continue reading

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SNHU Faculty…

So, I receive my graduate degree in a couple weeks.  I was thinking tonight about the demanding, rigorous, difficult, labor intensive, and utterly amazing experience I’ve had the past two years.  I was fortunate to be in an amazing program … Continue reading

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Considering tragedy….

An unplanned, unfortunate, and fifth in a series…. Again, we reel from tragedy.  Again, lives have been taken.  Again, one of our own has committed a horrific act.  Again, we struggle to contextualize and grasp.  Again, we debate. I was … Continue reading

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The emperor’s new clothes

My recent series of posts has prompted a wide range of responses.  Many seek to comfort me.  Some congratulate me.  Some lecture me.  Family members have shunned me.  I understand all the reactions.  There isn’t a simple, single response. I … Continue reading

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The view from the inside…

4th in a series…. The doors are locked from the other side.  Plexiglass covers all the windows.  Mirrors are polished metal that has been so bent and scratched that the reflected image is a horror.  Those with shoes flop down … Continue reading

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Mental illness….

Third in a series…. We, as a society, rally around illness and disease.  We organize walks and fundraisers for cancer, MS, and aids.  We empathize and sympathize.  We console and deliver lasagnas. For those with mental illness, we lock them … Continue reading

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