Batshit crazy…

A combo rant and mental health blog…

Here is an interesting perspective on the psychiatry industry:

Is Psychiatry dishonest?

I’ll say that in my experience, every psychiatrist is a douchebag with self esteem issues.  Who knew there was a playbook?  I could have saved thousands, misdiagnosed myself, and not had to deal with people desperate to prove their doctoral degree isn’t bullshit.

Now on to the rant part of this blog.  I know I suffer from mental illness  (several psychiatrists will disagree on just what that illness is).   Even relatively normal and healthy people have to often feel like Klinger in a world full of batshit crazy.

Stella Tremblay, I could probably get past the fact that you’re an elected official claiming the marathon bombings were a government conspiracy.  We’ll skip the part about you having no evidence or a plausible motive and seem to just want a degree of notoriety.  You don’t seem to question that people actually died.  We’ll stop when you challenge that a man really lost his legs.  He’s in a hospital.  Go fucking look, you opportunistic, batshit crazy, fucking vulture.

Steve Kush…he holds the highly esteemed position of Executive Director of the Bernalillo County Republican party (Google where the hell that is to gauge the loftiness of his career).  Steve, fat ass, failed politician that he is (Did I go too far?  I sincerely apologize; truly.) decided that calling a teenage volunteer a “radical bitch” was funny.  Disagree with her all you want.  In an age of apathy and ignorance, shouldn’t we celebrate any teenager being involved in the process of government?  Nah, not fat fuck Steve.  He continued his social media posts then issued the apology, “I absolutely crossed the line.  It was dumb.  It was stupid.”  Redundancy makes the apology real, and someone who just maybe should be expected to consider ramifications doesn’t have to.   So, Steve, you obese, fat fuck, I sincerely, honestly apologize, and I’m sorry for calling you names and insulting you.  I crossed the line, the threshold even.  Still you’re a douche and a vaginal cleansing device.  I’m legitimately mentally ill.  You hold a high ranking…critical….well, important…well…you have a job that requires you to wear a tie.  What’s your excuse?

Ted Nugent….deliberately shits himself to avoid going to war.  Spends the rest of his life shooting things that don’t shoot back to demonstrate how badass he is.  He says soldier suicides are because the president violates the constitution.  Ted, what do you know about soldiers?  Did you sneak into the military when we weren’t looking?  What do you know about suicide and mental illness?  Did you earn a psychology degree while we were still not looking?  Don’t use our honorable soldiers in your desperate attempts to remain relevant.

Michele Bachmann, in her epic quest to wrest the batshit crazy crown from what’s her face from Alaska whose fifteen minutes are up even though she doesn’t know it, has issued this statement, “Carbon Dioxide is portrayed as harmful.  But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.”  Michele, go in your garage, start the car, and stay there.  Check in with us tomorrow on carbon dioxide.

The responsible gun owner parents who bought a five year old a .22 caliber weapon should be tried as accessories to murder.

Our illustrious congress, who had the audacity to express concern about the burden of universal background checks on gun sellers…how’s that compare to the burden of, I don’t know…a loved one being killed?    You NRA dick sucking cowards.

I feel better.  And I apologize.  I absolutely crossed the line.  It was dumb.  It was stupid.  I feel even better now that all is forgiven.  Thank you, Steve Kush.


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5 Responses to Batshit crazy…

  1. Jenelle Alastra says:

    One of your best….I concur completely. Some of your verbiage is a bit much for my ears but your points are soooooo valid. Love, Mom

    Sent from my iPad

  2. LMAO! I definitely needed that one today!

  3. charlieopera says:

    Yes, definitely one of your best. I may have to borrow this for the conservative site I argue with when I’m bored. Not that they’d think twice about Ted Nugent (or Dick Cheney), but it’ll be fun dropping one on their over zealous heads. Great post.

  4. Christine Urbanek says:

    Exactly right. I love the way your mentally defective mind works. Oxymoron? I think not, just a blessing…

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