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I have a book deal…

First in a few part series… Eventually, I should really separate out my blog posts. I have rants (those are my favorites). I have mental illness. That is certainly the topic where my little words may make some difference in … Continue reading

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I wish I could be Abbey or Carey or Childs

One of my former professors recently asked me who my early influences were. I gave it some thought, and it was difficult to give a concise answer. I think, as writers or people, we are all the sum of everything … Continue reading

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I was a state champion wrestler…and I have great friends and a book deal

Stay with me. I’ll connect the dots. I was a state champion wrestler. Wrestling is the quintessential individual and original gladiatorial sport. There is no aid or assistance on the mat. You win or lose based solely on your own … Continue reading

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Yeah, we’re still talking about mental illness

Some things piss me off. Okay, many things piss me off. This is one of them: Mariah Carey is exhausted! Twice! I was reading this article about celebrities struggling with mental illness. They didn’t actually mention any celebrities who might … Continue reading

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