Yeah, we’re still talking about mental illness

Some things piss me off. Okay, many things piss me off.

This is one of them: Mariah Carey is exhausted! Twice!

I was reading this article about celebrities struggling with mental illness. They didn’t actually mention any celebrities who might be dealing with depression or bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Yes, addiction is a real disease, but it is also apparently the only one that matters. How hard it must be for these “celebrities” (I use the quotes because they included Demi Lovato in the article) to overcome addiction in the Club Med of facilities. How about the plumber who struggles with addiction but has to get up and go to work tomorrow?

In their list of celebrities with mental illnesses, they included Mariah Carey who not only had to check into a facility for exhaustion, my god! The horrors!, but she “relapsed” and had to go back. Poor, poor Mariah. Faced with having starred in a shitty movie and tanking album sales, she RELAPSED into exhaustion. My heart goes out to her. Maybe we can organize a fun run to raise money. Could someone drop off a lasagna at the Carey home? How about an energy drink? This all apparently happened a few years ago. Just imagine how poor Mariah is today after more shitty album sales and that unfortunate Idol gig. She must be extremely exhausted. Let us all pray. Let the poor girl nap. Wait! If she naps, she may miss a photo op that may keep her vaguely relevant for a few more minutes. Let us pray she overcomes….exhaustion…for just a few more clicks of the camera, and then, may she rest. She’s given so much to us. I am always touched by her one song….okay, I got nothing, but she must have become really exhausted sleeping with the president of the record label.

This is not really to bash upon Mariah, useless twat that she may be. It is to point out how our media pays attention to mental illness. Real people with real jobs and real responsibilities have mental illness. Very few get to check out and take a break for a while. Some get locked up. Most will get up tomorrow, endure the pain, and go to work…until they can’t. Isn’t that what we should be talking about?

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One Response to Yeah, we’re still talking about mental illness

  1. sadidy says:

    Yes, we should be talking about it. However, as much as we say we should be talking about it, it still seems like everyone is too busy, or too preoccupied or too exhausted to listen.

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