What is wrong with us?

Another senseless tragedy. More lives taken and other lives destroyed. How many does it take? What death toll do we need to reach before the horrendous truth can no longer be argued away, and we have to collectively look at the vile reflection in the mirror? What is the number? How many lives justify the economics? How many lives before we collectively deem it worth a fuck?

We have had another eruption of a deranged mind, and it resulted in many more deaths (when it comes to murder, I define “many” as equal to or greater than one.) The kneejerk responses happened instantly. The left parades the tragedy as the latest poster child for gun control. The right clings to their guns even tighter.

Tonight I read about Joe the Plumber weighing in on the issue. Remember this moron? Palin searched far and wide to find someone dumber than she is. Who knew he was still speaking? I figured he’d devolved into a yeast infection by now. Any way, he said, “Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.” He said this to a parent grieving for their just murdered child. Legally, he is correct. But, you know what? Fuck you, Joe the Plumber. I know what it is like to bury a murdered child. Fuck your rights. What about “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for our never ending procession of victims? Something has to change.

We Americans murder each other with astounding efficiency and frequency. We’re really good at murdering one another. Yay, us! It isn’t about gun control. Gun control is a Band-Aid. It is a Band-Aid I am all for because we don’t fucking do anything else, but it is still just shoveling shit against the tide. We need a societal shift to stop these ridiculous tragedies.

Do I think better gun control would decrease the rate of homicide, and especially manslaughter, in our country? Absofuckinglutely. Do I think it will stop deranged psychopaths from finding a way to inflict evil on us? No. What are our “leaders” doing about our epidemic of killing? Jack shit is the conservative answer. The more accurate one is they’re actively helping the psychopaths. From the NRA’s nonstop purchasing of our elected officials to budgetary cuts in health and human services, our government is contributing to causing this crisis. All of D.C. will wring their hands and bow their heads in a moment of public silence, assuming a television camera is nearby, and then go right back to chasing the money.

I’m not a psychologist or an economist. I’m still willing to bet the problem could be greatly influenced in those two areas.

I’ve written before about how we ignore and mistreat the mentally ill. Yes, very often we hear news reports of how a killer was never diagnosed or treated for mental illness. No shit? Huh! I’m stunned that we spend virtually nothing on mental illness and remain surprised every fucking time a psychopath sneaks up on us. “He was such a nice boy. I’d have never imagined….” says the neighbor that every news outlet parades. Unsurprisingly, that neighbor is never a therapist.

Money concerns typically top studies of stress inducers. Outside of psychopaths, stress probably plays a rather large role in the decision or impulse to rage and kill. I’m just spitballing. Maybe, just maybe, if our government et al actually tried to fix the fucking economy instead of laying blame, trying to derail the other party, and bending over for every campaign donor with a checkbook, we might positively affect our murder rate. I would be curious…hypothetically accepting my assertions here are true, how many dead bodies would it take before a senator gave a fuck?

It isn’t a gun problem. Guns are a symptom and should be on the table for discussion and fuck Joe the Plumber’s assertion. Everything should be on the table. A basic rule of problem solving is you don’t start by ruling out anything. Our problem is we kill each other at an alarming and tragic rate. We put a man on the moon. We recovered from a horribly divisive civil war to become a historic model of social success. Our degree of success, after such a calamity, has never been achieved in the history of our human existence. We had a contested presidential election just a few years ago. There was no rioting. There was no civil upheaval. We have the greatest society in the history of humanity. Let’s start acting like it and fucking do something.

Given what we’re capable of, how can we allow this to continue?

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3 Responses to What is wrong with us?

  1. charlieopera says:

    Well said, brother. Well said.

  2. Not disagreeing at all but your anger would be better directed if we REQUIRED mental health professionals who deemed clients dangerous to themselves or others to report this and them to authorities and then mandated that these folks be added to the Federal no-go register for background checks. Our little California demon went through six, that is S-I-X state and Federal checks without setting off an alarm because despite what, twenty plus years of intense counseling, he was still not on any list. Anybody talking about prescription drugs? Well, they sure as hell should be. Every day in magazines, radio and TV we are told about the “benefits” of these anti-psychotic drugs with of course the little disclaimer at the end that they just might give us the urge to off ourselves or others. 50 years ago, this was done but we do not want to label anyone anymore, cause them psychic pain, deny them of their right to be insane or some other fool notion. Enough guarantees can be/are built into the system so that everyone gets a fair hearing. What is important is protecting the rights of life, liberty and the chance to pursue happiness of those kids in Sandy Hook, Colorado or Santa Barbara. The APA has become an enabler for the criminally insane. ,

  3. D.R. Leo says:

    Stephen, you are absolutely right. Everything should be on the table. There should be no sacred cows in this. Yet, lobbying efforts from big pharm and the NRA and everyone else with money and an agenda, combined with budget constrictions by our elected officials too stupid to pass a basic economics course, give me little hope. We’ll just go on killing one another and mock even the free democracies that do not have our epidemic.

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