So, what’s your plan?

So, today we had the 74th school shooting since Sandy Hook. Seventy Four shootings in schools in a year and a half. Yes, I know guns don’t kill people; people kill people. The guns sure seem to help. Yes, I know you believe it is your constitutional right to bear arms because you read half of the second amendment. The U.S. has more guns than every other nation so I question the “best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” theory. It would seem all the good guys with guns should be tripping over one another when a bad guy is around.

Here’s my opinion. The guys walking into a burrito restaurant proudly displaying the new penis extenders they purchased, or rushing to the Nevada desert to display their penis extenders for a tax fraud, are just cowards. I’ll bet the vast majority have never fired at a target that fires back. These “patriots” can’t be counted on to defend against a school shooting. They’d be tripping and shooting themselves while running to hide if their hypothetical gubment takeover ever occurred.

You want to compensate for cowardice and a small penis by publicly carrying a large gun? Good on ya’. You’re a responsible gun owner who understands it is a weapon and treats it as such? You should have all the guns you want. You like to hunt or target shoot? More power to you. Have more guns.

I’ve stated before, and I’ll reiterate, I believe seventy four school shootings in a year and a half is a mental illness issue exacerbated by guns. If you’re among the “cold dead fingers” group, you’ve already knee jerked, and you’re busy typing about knives and cars or incorrectly recapitulating that constitutional rights can’t be changed, I pose a simple question to you…

What’s your plan?

Are you okay with seventy four school shootings in eighteen months? Lest you get off track, we’re not talking about stabbings or vehicular homicide or constitutionality here. Those are all valid issues, but they’re off this topic. We’re talking about people walking into schools and shooting people with a gun. If you’re not okay with it, what’s your plan?

We already incarcerate more of our citizens than just about every country in the world. Rwanda may be ahead of us. Other democracies whose citizens enjoy similar freedoms to ours do not have an epidemic of school shootings. Our rate of mental illness is comparable to most developed nations. The outlier is gun ownership. We have a LOT more guns. I’m not saying we have to pry them from your cold dead hands or rob you of your enlarged penis. I’m asking.

What’s your plan?

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