A grab bag…

Writers hear a lot about “platform.” Platform is our social media and marketing presence; i.e. the built in audience of book buyers and influencers we bring to the table. Theoretically, my little thought vomit would be part of my platform. It may scare away more readers than it attracts. I should probably get around to separating out my writerly self and the rest of me, but I kind of like presenting at least a version of the whole me to the world. We are so frequently commoditized…business me, home me, friends me, political me, religious me, etc, etc, etc, and we work really hard to keep all those versions of ourselves from bumping into each other. Well, this thought vomit is at least a big chunk of me. I’m a writer, I suffer from mental illness and a degenerative disease, I’m a two time suicide attempt survivor (can’t be good at everything), I’m opinionated (just a little), I rant, I tilt at windmills, and on good days, I get up and swing again.

So, a grab bag of things to vomit….yeah, I’m going on a rant…

There are so many lessons to be learned from the microcosm of our society that is Ferguson, MO. Most are getting endlessly spun by the news channel of your choice. I’d like to call attention to the absence of armed militia in Ferguson. Where are Cliven Bundy’s supporters? They traveled from far and wide to defend a tax dodger against a fictitious government invasion. In Ferguson, police are tear gassing peaceful protesters and arresting journalists. Isn’t that the dark vision the NRA and these militias have been preaching? Why aren’t these militia rushing to the aid of this community? They were eager to camp out with their purchased penis extenders for a welfare case with cows. Why not for this community that wants answers? It is hard not to notice the color of the people on the news in Ferguson versus those in Bundyville. Just sayin’….nah, I’m not just sayin’. I’m explicitly stating most of these “militia” members are racist cowards with serious compensation issues.

So, Henry Rollins has weighed in on suicide. You all know Henry Rollins. No? Well, if you liked shitty, derivative punk bands, you may have heard of him. He has essentially said people with loved ones have no right to commit suicide and are no longer worth consideration if they do. On the first part, I agree with ol’ Henry. Suicide does enormous damage to all involved with the victim. Does he not think that is part of the math? I doubt anyone ever went, “I’m going to kill myself, and fuck what it does to my loved ones.” No! The more likely thought is, “Oh god, this is a horrible thing, and I will hurt so many with this act.” Yet, the act is carried out. Henry, just try imagining the personal agony that would drive someone to do that, not just what they’re doing to themselves, but what they know they are doing to those who love them.

Henry concludes his erudite consideration with a hearty “fuck suicide” and all those who commit it. How about fuck you, Henry? Consider the anguish I described above and maybe you could have a little empathy or at least write a decent fucking punk song. Keep shilling and pretending on radio and the QVC, you poser douchebag.

Our president went golfing. Apparently that is headline news in certain faux news places. I say good! I hope he got a blow job on the back nine. Well, nah, the last time a POTUS got that, it cost us $70 mil to prove it. I want my president to be calm, relaxed, and level headed. I can’t imagine how much that job sucks 24/7. Saint Reagan and Bush the Junior practically spent their whole presidencies on vacation. I didn’t begrudge them for that.

I think the ALS ice bucket challenge is awesome. It is raising money and awareness for an awful disease. My FB feed is filled with people dumping cold water on their heads. This is opposed to last week when everyone was mourning the loss of Robin Williams and hoping they might make some difference for those who suffer mental illness. There are many ills, evils, and illnesses in the world. I think most people are good and try to do what they can.

I would just remind everyone that about 80 people in America killed themselves today. Another 400 failed in their attempt. Contrary to washed up punk opinions, they all matter. The 80 that do it tomorrow matter too, and we can still do something to help them.

I’m Darren, and this is my thought vomit.

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3 Responses to A grab bag…

  1. charlieopera says:

    Brother, you’re good.

  2. loriannv says:

    I think the fact that we’ve moved on to being a bunch of idiots dumping ice water on our hears (for good cause or not) just shows how short our attention span is. It also highlights the fact that after a week of hand wringing everyone is ready to move on and forget about that whole depression thing….Let’s now move on to ALS. 95% of the people dumping ice on their heads wont contribute, have no idea what ALS is, and are pretty confident anyway that it is far enough away from their lives that they wont be touched by it. Can’t say that about depression.

  3. roxhhh says:

    Darren, how you get me thinking…but you climbed Mt. Washington, so I know you have focus and drive to finish the challenges you put before you.
    1. Bottom line, the media picks the topic of the week, then feeds it to us until we puke. When a story goes on and on ad nauseum, I watch “Say yes to the dress” for clarity…or old episodes of the Twilight Zone.
    2. Through the years I’ve dated a few cops, some I knew before they became cops, one was messed up from his “tour” in Viet Nam, came back home, studied marketing, made plans for a life, then became a cop and became a jerk, disrespecting the law, the community, his wife and people in general. Yes, he did good, but it was offset by the nastiness.
    3. My dear young friend, James, shot himself in what I know he thought was the answer to a problem for his wife and family. He was tenderhearted, giving, thoughtful, a driven businessman, but he wanted everyone to be happy, and I know he thought he was solving a problem for everyone by shooting himself. Problem not solved, my friend…it was way beyond you.
    4. A colleague’s husband died from ALS, the most horrible of deaths. His mind, personality, dreams, stories, life trapped in a frozen body. What devil designed that disease? Just as they say “Breast cancer is not a pink ribbon,” ALS is not a ice bucket challenge…
    5. The president, like his policies or not, is always on duty, always talking, thinking, working on the issues of the United States. If whacking a ball (or chopping brush or riding horses on the ranch) cuts the shock of an American citizen being beheaded, helps him think, gives him time away from the press to talk and get his thoughts together, so be it. As for Bill Clinton, the Abuser of Women in Chief and his minions who later passed legislation protecting women (Joe Biden,et al), what an asshole who still bites his lower lip, points his finger and grins, knowing noone, not even his wife, is going to make him pay. Jerk.

    That’s my urp for the day… thanks for the platform, Darren…keep up the good work! your perspective is invaluable.

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