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What scares you out there in the wild?

While selling tents today, we got on the subject of what one would be absolutely terrified to see upon rounding a corner of a trail. My first response was a clown because, well, clowns are frickin’ creepy to begin with, … Continue reading

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Platform up the wazoo…

If your last name is not King or Rowling, and you happen to be a writer in the early twenty first century, you have probably learned about “platform.”  Platform is the structure (social media, network, connections, et al) that you … Continue reading

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There is this kid Sam….

We all know, on an intellectual level, that tragedies and hardships occur every day.  It is easy to ignore them because they aren’t happening near us and aren’t likely to happen to us.  That is why those Sarah Mclachlan commercials repeatedly … Continue reading

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Thoughts on gear…and the new book

My recent trip through the Whites included my regular collection of tried and true gear and a few new pieces.  I’ve never done a gear review, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on a few of the things I … Continue reading

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