Songs for a BSW…

Something many don’t know is that Lori has an incredible voice.  One of my most favorite things is when she sings.  These are some songs I love mostly because of how she sings them…

Sinead O’Connor “The Last Day of our Acquaintance”

Girlyman “Everything’s Easy”

Counting Crows “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby”  This is my most favorite when she sings.

On the very rare occasion that she sings in public, it is pretty and well done.  When I sneak upstairs and hear her, singing all alone, it is throaty with depth and emotion.  Among the many things I love about my beautiful, sunny woman is the gorgeous, heartfelt expressions of songs that she hides behind her New England practicality.

I love to hear her sing.  I love her so much.

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