Pimpin’ ain’t easy…


So, my novel The Trees Beneath Us will be published in June by Stark House Press. They are a small but respected publisher of primarily crime and noir novels. I’m proud they selected my book as a first foray into literary fiction publishing. I am wicked excited about my book. The book industry has changed substantially over the past few years; affected by technology, consolidation, and shifting consumer trends. It now operates on a much leaner business model, and the burden of marketing and promoting a book has largely shifted to the author. Sure, if you’re a bestselling star with one of the remaining big houses, they’ll advertise and set up appearances. I’m not one of those.

The success of my novel will rely on hard work and a lot of help. Here’s where I start asking for help.

*Please share this blog. I’m normally not concerned about the readership of my little thought vomit. I’d like this post to get out into the world.

*If you are in, or know of, a book club, please send me the contact info. I’ll do readings or discussions via Skype for any group anywhere, and I’ll consider travel to any location.

*Send me names of favorite local bookstores.

*My novel deals closely with living in the wilderness, the Appalachian Trail, and mental illness. If you know of any organizations related to those topics (hiking clubs, support groups, outfitters, etc) please let me know. Again, I’ll consider any location to spread the word about my little collection of words. If you know of any organization that may be interested, please let me know. I am a very experienced public speaker, and I have done presentations for groups as large as five thousand people. These do not have to be readings or book discussions. I can do entertaining presentations on backpacking, depression (yes, I can make depression funny), accomplishing goals, or what to do when a porcupine eats your underwear.

*www.bootson.co – that is my website. Please share it ad nauseum.

*Darren R. Leo FB page – that’s my author page on the book of face. Share it like it is a funny cat meme.

I thank you in advance for any and all support. I apologize in advance for the bombardment you will be getting from me.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy!

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One Response to Pimpin’ ain’t easy…

  1. Daniel de Los Dumas says:

    Shared and tweeted, brother. Love this book and proud to pimp it.

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