Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and…gay marriage

“It’s some of the darkest twenty four hours in our nation’s history.” – Ted Cruz in response to the supreme court rulings on the affordable care act and gay marriage.

Really?  Among tragedies such as Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombings, the civil war, our almost weekly mass murders, and the designated hitter in baseball, he thinks this is our darkest hour?

I really don’t understand the furor over gay marriage.  To avoid it, my home state of Utah is attempting to eliminate all marriages.  (I’ve never said we Utahns are particularly bright.)

There are many current issues where there can be a debate.  The aforementioned affordable care act, global warming, the confederate flag, drilling in the arctic, gun control, and so many others have ramifications.  I may think your desire to have an arsenal is unfounded and dangerous, but I understand that changes in gun policy do affect you.

If you aren’t gay, gay marriage has no effect on you.  Don’t like gay marriage?  Don’t marry someone of the same gender.  Politely decline the invitation to their wedding.  Carry on your merry way.  Those two guys getting married over there has absolutely zero impact on your life.

But it undermines the sanctity of my holy union…how?  If your religious belief is that marriage is only for a man and a woman, then your heterosexual marriage should be rock solid in the eyes of the big guy in the sky.  Isn’t that your ultimate concern?  You think god thinks less of your marriage because two women got married?  The Netherlands legalized gay marriage fifteen years ago.  As far as I know, they have not been smited (or smote?) yet.

Our darkest hour?  We just joined twenty two other nations in giving a substantial portion of our population equal rights, privileges, and protection under the law.

I’d say it is long overdue and one of our brighter moments.  If you disagree, the good news is it doesn’t affect you at all…except you’re going to miss out on some fabulous weddings.

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