When did we start negotiating with terrorists?

We have had a long standing policy that we don’t negotiate with terrorists.  Hijack a plane and make demands?  Fuck you.  Kidnap Americans?  We’ll pretend to negotiate until we figure out how to kill you.  I’m okay with this policy.  I’m generally against our world wide saber rattling, but I’m good with saying, “Fuck you.  You crossed a line.”

So, I’ve watched the Vanilla Isis occupation of a remote wildlife refuge with interest and anger.  Who are these hillbillies to think they speak for us?  They don’t speak for me.  I don’t need or want Billy Joe Jim Bob and his cousin brothers seizing a government installation, an installation WE (the plural American) own, and claiming it for their own and their tinfoil hat wearing ideologies.  Collectively, they don’t have a hundred IQ points and would need twelve of them to come up with two balls.  They’re angry cowards pissed that their stupidity puts them at the bottom of the capitalist food chain, and their solution is to take our property and rage against perceived threats and manufactured injustices.  Ironically, the gist of their ideology is they want even more government welfare than they already receive.  Papa Bundy is the perfect example.  He doesn’t feel he should pay us at all for using our land.

These people are not patriots.  Contrary to their expressed self image, they are not special.  They are simply criminals with an ideology.  That makes them terrorists.  They happen to be American terrorists.  Authorities have spent weeks negotiating with them.  I don’t understand this.  Why?  Law enforcement officials expressed that they wanted to avoid violence.  I accept trying to minimize the risk of law enforcement officials being harmed.  I don’t care about the well being of the terrorists.  I was not the slightest bit sad when LaVoy was shot and killed.  That’s what we do to terrorists.

Why did it take weeks?  The hillbillies were going to town all the time.  Why ever let any return to the refuge?  While the deliveries of dildos in response to their pleas for snacks was entertaining, why were they receiving deliveries?  Would we allow FedEx to drop off a package for Isis?  Since we’re so courteous to these particular terrorists, I hope they’ll be paying for the cost of the utilities during their stay in our facility.  Why was the electricity to the refuge not cut off?  These allegedly hard core, camo wearing, gun toting tough guys could certainly survive some hardship.  Granted, they didn’t think to bring food for their siege, but LaVoy was well prepared….he brought a tarp!

I am not a law enforcement or anti-terrorism expert.  I assume authorities had legitimate reasons for coddling these particular terrorists, but it sure appears that they received special treatment because they’re ‘Murican terrorists.  What would our response have been if a group of Isis terrorists seized that refuge?

I doubt we’d have let the UPS guy in with a box of Slim Jims.

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3 Responses to When did we start negotiating with terrorists?

  1. I have sympathy for your irritation. The difference between dealing with American terrorists vs, foreign nationals is that US citizens have rights to due process under law. When we target ISIS etc, overseas, it’s in order to kill, not to capture. But the goal in Oregon is to arrest them to submit them to the legal system, not to kill them. Finicum tried to run a roadblock, then went for his gun, so officers had no choice. But enforcement personnel would still rather arrest the militia members and put them out of commission.

    • D.R. Leo says:

      Valid point. I support due process; even for terrorists of any nationality. If they surrendered, they should be given all rights under the law. They didn’t. They resisted arrest and made hostile threats with an ideological agenda. In my mind, that made them no longer suspects but terrorists; and they should have been treated like all terrorists.

  2. Amazing comment and “right on” perception that offers the reader a true picture of a situation that truly frustrates the innocent observer. An accurate of picture of some real idiots. Thank you.
    Senator Irv Stern

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