Our death by gun epidemic

We had another mass murder.  I might ordinarily feel a moment of sadness then yawn and think, “This is America.  We have them daily.  It’s what we do.”  This one, though, was a record breaker.

We’re still shy of the year’s halfway point, and we already have almost six thousand deaths by gun.  Yes, I know we have many deaths by auto, deaths by medical malpractice, and probably a bunch of deaths by crockpot.  I didn’t research the last one.  The distinction I see is that cars, medical treatment, and slow cookers contribute to our lives and societal well being.  Guns do not.  So, save the strawman argument about the number of deaths by tinfoil or bubble gum.  Guns have a singular purpose, and that is to kill.  There is a reason the mass murderers use guns and not tinfoil or slow cookers…because the guns are efficient at killing and Reynolds wrap is not.

Yes, deranged people will find a way to kill regardless of the tool.  I get that.  I’m suggesting we actually do something to address the dead 6K, not hopelessly attempt to eliminate violence.  If you’re adamant about having your guns, what is your number?  How many dead does it take for you to care enough?  It is clearly more than 6K for many.  I find that in itself appalling, but okay.  What if we could make it just 6K annually?  Is anyone opposed to decreasing the number of deaths by gun?  Don’t jump ahead to costs and ramifications and start saying, “Yeah, but…”  Just consider that question by itself.  Would you like fewer than 6K people to be dead right now?  I think a good place to start is prohibiting anyone who opposes the decrease from having a gun.

I refuse to believe we can not at least improve our death by gun epidemic.  Many free nations do not have our daily mass murders.  Clearly it is possible.  Yes, we have more guns than all the rest of the world population combined (I’m speculating there.)  That isn’t a reason not to try.  “Aw, fuck it.  We just have too many guns.  Let’s resign ourselves to daily mass murders.”  That is actually pretty much what we are doing.

Yes, gun ownership is a constitutional right.  So what?  We’ve amended the constitution many times.  Why is that rule a sacred cow?  I think it should be amended, but I’m interested in actually addressing the problem, not with an endless legislative debate ultimately decided by NRA political donations and a spineless congress.

Normal people want guns to protect themselves, to hunt, or for sport.  I’m fine with all of those.  I don’t agree with them, but I respect that others view the guns as important.

So, I propose to not inhibit anyone from having all the guns they want, but implementing the following steps:

  1.  Any diagnosis of mental illness precludes you from having a gun.  Right now, you have to have a court say you’re insane or have a court involuntarily admit you to a mental hospital for you to be precluded from getting a gun.  Both of those are very rare and don’t address the millions of unstable people with access to weapons.  I’ve attempted suicide more than once.  I can buy a gun.  Hospitals already are required to report certain injuries like gunshot wounds or drug overdoses to the police.  I’m fine with therapists having to report all patients to a database.  Yes, that would include me.
  2. Any time in prison precludes you from owning a gun…forever.  You committed a crime.  You don’t get a gun.  Right now it is decided by state and varies widely.
  3. All gun sales must have a background check.  ALL.  Gun.  Sales.  The ridiculous loopholes in this current law are entirely due to the NRA, and they can blow me.
  4. All gun owners must pass a training course.  Just like driving a car or selling insurance.
  5. All guns must be registered and insured.  Yeah, yeah, registration allows the government to know who has guns when they’re ready to initiate their tyrannical, martial law takeover.  First, that gives far too much credit to the competency of our government.  Next, the 2nd amendment was written when citizens and the military all had muskets.  Have all the guns you want.  In this century, you’re not stopping a military takeover with firepower.  We have to insure our cars in case we run over someone.  The registration requires annual inspection and proof of insurance.  This enables us to confirm you didn’t sell the gun.  The insurance covers your gun being used to kill someone, by you or someone else.  Don’t want to undergo inspection, registration, and insurance for your already owned guns?  No worries.  Amnesty window to turn them in.  If you’re not willing to do these simple steps we do for cars, your gun ownership conviction is not strong.
  6. Any crime committed with use of a gun carries a sentence of life in prison.  No parole, no loopholes.  Use a gun to commit a crime, go to jail forever.
  7. If a gun you own is used to commit a crime, you are as liable and culpable as the perpetrator unless it can be proven you properly secured it.  Responsible gun owners should have no problem with this.
  8. All gun sales will have an additional “sin” tax to deter use.  We do it with tobacco and alcohol.  It is your constitutional right to own a gun.  The constitution doesn’t say it has to be cheap or easy.  The revenue will be used to advance “smart gun” technology such as finger print detection so only the owner can fire a gun.
  9. All gun purchases require proof of trigger locks and safes.
  10. No modifiable guns can be owned, sold or brought into the U.S.  Every fucking mass shooting, some dipshit has to point out that a semi-automatic rifle is not an “assault weapon.”  An assault weapon fires on full auto.  AR-15’s can be easily modified to actual full auto or simulated full auto.  On semi-auto, they’re inefficient for home defense so the only real reasons to own them are penis size compensation or killing a bunch of people.

So, if you want to own a gun just for protection, hunting, or sport shooting, you still can.  You can own all you want.  It will require a little more effort and more money.

Will this stop the deranged psychopath from acquiring a gun and mowing down a school, church, or nightclub?  Nope.  What it will do is decrease the level of ownership and the rate of purchase of guns.  Will it create a black market for existing guns?  Yup.  Ever bought anything on the black market?  Costs a fucking fortune.  Will death by knife, tinfoil, bubblegum, and every other strawman argument go up?  Probably, but the net will still be a decrease in deaths.  How do I know this?  Because half the fucking world has already done it.

I think I lowered the 6K.  Don’t like my suggestions?  Great.  Offer some actual solutions instead of the clichés about only criminals will own guns and it takes a good guy with a gun.

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