Gut punched…

I woke up this morning gut punched….just deflated, demoralized…and sad.  There are many rifts and problems in our country, but I did not believe we were capable of what we did yesterday.  Donald Trump is our president elect.  I have been trying to wrap my head around that concept all morning.  Donald Trump is our president elect…

We elected a draft dodger who called a prisoner of war a loser.  We elected a man who mocked a reporter with a degenerative disease.  We elected a man who called one of our largest ethnic groups “rapists and drug dealers,” and wants to round them up for mass deportation.  We elected a man who wants to target and monitor Muslims because of their faith.  We elected a man who brags about sexual assault and thinks it is acceptable to demean women, and he has a court date in December with one of his victims.  We elected a man who wants to punish women who get abortions…and who used to be pro-choice.

We elected a misogynistic, racist, islamophobic, homophobic, sexist, bullying, fucking game show host as the leader of our nation!

I did not think we were capable of this.  I did not think we, and by “we” I mean the older, uneducated, white males who gave him the victory, could be so cowardly, insecure, and selfish.  Yes, I get that our society is shifting.  The privileged perch that heterosexual, Christian, Caucasian males have held for so long is eroding, and that is scary for those clinging to it.  Our society is becoming browner, and your neighbors may not believe in Christ.  They may be two males, and they, gasp!, are married.  You’re competing for jobs in a global economy against people from vastly different cultures.  Your boss may be a woman.  Your very “us-ness” is threatened so you lash out at the collective “them.”

Rather than at least adapting and competing, because embracing our growing cultural richness is beyond the realm of possibility, they found a bully who channeled all their fear and hatred.  They found a champion who said it was okay to be a bigot.  It was okay to objectify women.  It was okay to expect the privilege to continue.  It was okay to not only not stand up for those who need and deserve our support, but to attack them for threatening our us-ness.

I saw that throughout the campaign.  I saw it build and grow.  I wasn’t blind to it, but I am still gut punched today.  I am because I thought, in the end, enough of us would vote with the good of at least some others in mind.  Perhaps a wife or a daughter?  In my opinion, a vote for Trump was one of pure selfishness.  The fifty year old, protestant, non college educated, white males who overwhelmingly voted for Trump did not think of their daughters.  They thought of themselves and their fear of marginalization.

Trump’s snake oil genius was convincing them to do so.  What do they think he is going to do for them?  Put the little women back in the kitchen?  Shove the gays back in the closet and toss all the brown people out?  Even if he actually cared about them, what do they think he’s going to do?

I didn’t think we were capable of this.  Donald Trump is our president elect…



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2 Responses to Gut punched…

  1. Irv Stern says:

    Right on! Absolutely perfect, unfortunately! Thanks for taking the time to share the thoughts of so many. Best, Irv

  2. Richard N. Kleinbaum says:

    As opposed to attempting to move the agenda further right in response to Trump’s victory, I would remind us of the agenda proposed by Sen. Sanders and would offer that these are programs and goals that were clearly outlined and speaks more directly to the needs of all working Americans. Working folks would love to see a single payer health care system as opposed to the complex conglomerate of insurance giants determining their own rates and supporting excessive profits in the name of competition. WE all believe that everyone should be given an education sufficient to provide us with enough knowledge that we will be able to find employment and provide for ourselves and our families. That the cost of that education should not put us at an economic disadvantage for the bulk of our working years.. We are a great country and easily have the capacity to provide everyone with universal health care and free education. We can assure that our citizens have a safety net to assist us when disaster strikes.
    Let’s not get so worked up by Trump’s victory that we lose sight of the agenda that has everyone’s best interest and contact that segment of the working population that has been feeling marginalized
    by our government and our society and redirect all of OUR attention to the goals and ideals we have in common.

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