And then came the taxi drivers…

Well, we’re one week into the regime.  After previously criticizing president Obama for his use of Executive Orders, our Beloved Leader whipped them out so fast this week that he didn’t have time to spray tan.  Notice how he’s significantly less orange now?

Sooo, we had the removal of scientific data, a gag order placed on our government agencies communicating with us (you know, We the People?), a continued temper tantrum about the press and the election, and we banned all incoming travel from a group of Middle East countries.  Fortunately, we did not have to ban travel from countries where Beloved Leader has investments.  Whew!  (Yes, I know those are the countries where the 9/11 attackers actually came from.  Remember, we now have a government mandated narrative.)

A funny thing happened on the way to the empire.  Resistance came from unexpected sources.  It started with the Badlands National Park tweeting pesky scientific facts.  They were quickly shut down but not before they went viral. In what seems to be a planned response, they were quickly joined by @altusforestservice, @altFDA, @altEPA, and (my favorite) @RogueNASA.

Our scientists and conservationists, people whose careers are about protecting us and our land and advancing our knowledge, are the ones saying, “we will not go quietly into the night.” (Independence Day quote is totally for Rogue NASA.)  These people are, at the very least, risking their careers and paychecks to tell us our leadership may be bat shit crazy, but they’re going to be called on it.

Right now, legal U.S. residents are being denied entry to the country.  Why?  Because they are originally from one of those “terrorist factory” states our Beloved Leader  has vowed to crush.  These are teachers, students, doctors, engineers, or artists.  They are working here and helping advance our society.  “Nope, sorry, can’t come back in.  Sucks that your children are still in our country.”

We’re also not taking any immigrants from these countries for the foreseeable future.  So, we have three big issues.  First, we just became world class dicks.  Second, Beloved Leader followed up by saying Christians in these very bad countries would be given preferential treatment so we have a violation of church and state.  Third, want to create more terrorists?  A good place to start is by telling people you don’t like them or trust them, you don’t need them, and you don’t care about them.  YAY US!  Beloved Leader told the world we were assholes, violated our constitution, and put us more at risk.  In his first week!

Each of those topics deserve their own post or twelve.  I want to go back to our badass scientists.  I don’t know that many of us thought the Park Rangers and quantum physicists would be the first to draw a line in the sand.  Right now, NYC taxi drivers have called a work stoppage to JFK airport.  I’ve been in a lot of New York cabs.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a driver who was born in America.  They are a melting pot of immigrants from all over working their asses off, and they just said, “Fuck you, Beloved Leader.  We provide an essential and critical service, and we’re going to stop because you don’t want us here.”

While Rogue NASA makes me so happy, the NYC cabbies are doing some serious shit.  Beloved Leader and his cabinet and his pals are all about getting that almighty buck.  I’d say they are business people, but given his bankruptcies and half his staff came from Goldman Sachs, they’re not very good at it, and it would be an insult to business people.

Know what business people hate?  Disruption to the orderly collection of profits.  Know what happens when taxis refuse to go to JFK?  A disruption of the orderly collection of profits.  Know what ruthless business people do when there is a disruption to the orderly collection of profits?  They turn on their own.  Someone has to take the fall for missing the quarterlies or a plunge in the markets.

Who will be next?  Plumbers?  Sanitation workers?  Who knows?  I just anxiously wait for the next group to say, “Fuck you, Cheetoh.”  When enough start doing it, Wall Street will pay attention.  That will be the end of Beloved Leader.

Next time I’m in NYC, I am way overtipping my driver!



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One Response to And then came the taxi drivers…

  1. kim Catron says:

    DR Leo…I knew I chose you for my residency husband for some reason! Well said, well said!!!!

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