Trump sucks as a leader…

So, we all heard the campaign rhetoric.  Trump is successful!  He gets shit done!  He knows how to run large organizations.  I imagine that seemed good to some.  Well, they were sold a bill of goods.

Trump sucks as a leader.  He even sucks as a manager, and I think managers are the bane of corporate hierarchies.

We’re essentially a month in.  Here’s what we have:

*Signature “get shit done” piece of work is the Muslim ban (he called it a ban so save the dispute.)  It is widely protested and blown up in court….twice.

*National Security Advisor forced to resign because of illegal activity with a foreign government.  Trump says information is false while simultaneously saying leaks are a huge concern and will be pursued.  He used “huge” several times.

*Calls the press the “enemy of the people.”

*Says he inherited a huge mess from Obama.

*Publicly insults an American company for dropping his daughter’s products.

*Has a foreign threat security meeting in a restaurant dining room.

*Makes up terrorist attacks to fortify his narrative.

We can debate his questionable cabinet picks or his seeming desire to unravel every law that inhibits the select few from making more money.  I’ll concede every one of those.  My point is he is a piece of shit leader.

I don’t think any of my bullet points are debatable.  They are widely reported (even by the media he deems valid), and in most cases we have video of him saying it.

What, in those, suggests he is a leader?  To me, he seems more like a juvenile throwing tantrum after tantrum.  A leader might think through events so that his “huge” act isn’t found unconstitutional.  A leader might use “extreme vetting” on people we entrust to protect our national security.  One of his first hires is a traitor?  Not good leadership.

Think of the great leaders you know.  How many of them blame everything on everyone else?  How many of them use positional power to bully?  Even more important, bully those they swore to serve?  Which leaders you admire lie…all the time?  Which of your favorite leaders lack judgment?

What leaders blame their poor performance on others, whether true or not?  What leaders complain that things are unfair, whether true or not?  What leaders publicly criticize those who work for them?

Trump is a piece of shit.  The one thing he was supposed to be is a leader.  He’s a horrendous piece of shit at that.  Every business leader should be embarrassed by him.

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