So, who hates clean water?

It has become our new normal to get up each day and see what cringe inducing actions our president has taken.  While we rightfully focus on his unsubstantiated tweets about phone taps, the lies of his cabinet, and the rabbit hole that seems to be his administration’s ties to Russia, the GOP is going on their merry legislative way.  I struggle to understand their objectives, and I am at a complete loss as to why their supporters don’t have the same struggle.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida has introduced bill HR861 to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.  Terminate.  He doesn’t want to restrict or modify the EPA.  He wants to eliminate it.  The EPA’s purpose is to ensure a clean, safe environment for us.  Is there really a big right wing outcry for dirtier water?  Yes, I understand some may feel the EPA has regulatory overreach and inhibits commerce.  There is a rational debate to be had there.  Is there anyone who thinks eliminating the EPA won’t result in a substantial degradation of our air and water quality?  Who is for that?

Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky introduced bill HR899 to terminate the Department of Education.  The assumption is that it can be administered at the state level.  Who will decide distribution of federal financial aid?  Who knows…maybe he wants to eliminate that as well.  Incidentally, Massie’s state is not exactly doing a bang up job in the education department.

HR147 allows a father to sue the doctor who performs an abortion.  HR785 makes a national “right to work” law and essentially kills unions.  HR354 defunds Planned Parenthood.  It goes on and on.

Who benefits from these proposed laws?  Do they help the average Republican voter?  If so, how?  Red states have substantially worse environmental quality than blue states with the EPA.  Republicans ought to be seeking to make the EPA stronger instead of eliminating it.  Blue states have far better education than red states.  Wouldn’t a Republican voter be demanding their representatives strengthen the Department of Education?

Say HR899 and HR861 pass and become law.  The EPA and Department of Education disappear.  We tree hugging, academic elitist, liberal states will probably be okay.  We’ll pass state mandates for air quality or education spending.  Which states won’t do that?  The red ones.  So, these actions will primarily affect those who support them.  Why would you support something that will diminish your quality of life?

I assume most of these bills are the result of lobbyists and campaign contributions.  Our representatives are lining their own pockets, and I fully acknowledge that both sides of the aisle do this.  To answer my own previous question, a select few special interests benefit.  I think that is the full list of beneficiaries.  If you can prove that the average citizen benefits from industrial waste being dumped into our water supply, I’d love to hear it.  If you say “jobs” you’re going to have to show me the math because I don’t buy it.

So, back to my head scratching.  Who hates clean water?  How many Republicans are business owners?  Whatever that number, it is fewer than the number of Republicans who are employees.  Why support eliminating unions?  The party of “less government” wants to defund Planned Parenthood and create federal community health centers.   Isn’t that counter intuitive?

I’m at a loss…


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