Oh yay, thoughts and prayers

It’s been a while since I shit out the contents of my head here, but I’m saddened, heartbroken, mostly I’m pissed.

Yup, another school shooting.  It is the eighteenth this year.  Consider that.  It is February 15th, and we’ve had eighteen events where a gun was fired in a school.  What the actual fuck is wrong with us?  Anyone?  Bueller?

The Pavlovian response occurred immediately.  The NRA ball lickers announced it was too soon to talk about it.  Then they cashed a check.  (looking at you, Marco Rubio.)  The right accused people of politicizing the tragedy.  Yeah, I’m so fucking sorry for politicizing the murder of children because I want to end…the murder of children.

The regular fallacies were brought out in force…

“What law would have prevented this?”  This is my favorite because our embarrassment in chief just rescinded a law affecting the ability of the mentally ill to buy guns.  Beyond that, who fucking knows?  I know!  Let’s try some!  Eighteen school shootings this year!  Let’s try throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks.  Either say you don’t care about eighteen school shootings already this year or jump on board.

“It was mental illness, not guns.”  Because, you know, Australia, Norway, Great Britain, Japan, etc are so much mentally healthier than we are.  If that is the case, maybe we should really be looking into why we’re so collectively psychotic.

“A good guy with a gun could have stopped this.  Let’s employ armed ex-military to patrol our schools.”  We won’t even buy teachers a fucking pencil, but we’re willing to hire armed security to roam our schools?  We’re that protective of our guns?  That isn’t even mentioning that we’re willing to make our children’s schools war zones before we give an inch or a bullet.

“Killers will find a way to kill.”  Maybe.  Certainly seems like they’re fond of using AR15s.  Hard to picture someone killing 17 people with a blender.

“Gun control only leads to just the bad guys having guns.”  See Norway, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, etc.

“It’s too soon to talk about this.”  When is the right fucking time?  Can we talk about Columbine yet?  We haven’t done shit about that.  How about Sandy Hook?

“Cars kill more people than guns.  Should we outlaw them?”  Excellent point!  What if we require testing to own and operate a gun?  What if we require all guns to be registered, inspected, and insured?  We do that with those dangerous cars.  Nooooo!  Then the gubment can come take my guns!  Neither the government or a foreign agent killed children yesterday.  Based on recent history, our government is too stupid to get organized enough to systematically take your precious penis extender.

I feel slightly better getting all that out of my head.  Can we all agree that we don’t want children murdered in school?  Can we at least get to that starting point?  I’m going to assume yes.  Yay, we’re all on the same page.  We’ll sing Kumbaya later.

Now this seems like a simple question to me, but it is apparently dumbfounding to our elected representatives.  Why aren’t we doing anything about children being murdered in school?  I’m not even getting crazy by discussing people being murdered in church, at a theater, or at a concert.  I just want us to address children being murdered in school.  Seems like a good jumping off point we all can support.

How many years has it been since Columbine?  What have we done?  How many more school shootings have occurred since that tragedy?  WHAT HAVE WE DONE to make our children safer?  The answer is obvious and horrific…nothing.

I received an email from the Democratic party today.  They’re using this latest tragedy to solicit donations so they can “fight against gun violence.”  I’m a registered democrat.  I fired enough weapons in the army to know I don’t want to fire any more, and I am sick of people being killed by guns.  However, I told the DNC to go fuck themselves.  What have they done?  The answer, in terms of results, is exactly the same as the GOP.

Thoughts, prayers, lengthy speeches, and legislation that isn’t passed don’t do shit.  What is the solution?  Fuck if I know.  As I said earlier, I’m all for throwing shit at the wall.  However, it is the job of our elected officials to solve these problems.  We have a rather substantial problem of children being murdered at school.  Nothing has been done.  Nothing.  18 school shootings year to date.  Nothing.

I know the GOP has crawled up the NRA’s ass so far they’re starting to pop out the nostrils.  I know the democrats makes speeches and wring their hands.  We, the populace offer our thoughts and prayers.  Congress, do your god damn jobs!

Congress, do the math.  Decide the economic value of each dead child and compare that to your NRA campaign contribution or the number of minutes you’ll hold the senate floor railing against these atrocities.  If you conclude the math doesn’t favor the dead child, use one our many, many guns, and shoot yourself in the head.

Congress, et al, if you managed to pass the math test of the last paragraph, do SOMETHING.  It is your god damn job!  I don’t care if you don’t think additional laws will solve the problem.  I don’t care if you’re already late for blowing your NRA contact.  I don’t care if you proposed legislation that was laughed at and voted down to accomplish nothing.  Do your job!

I’ve written many times in this forum about how I would address our death by gun epidemic.  I don’t care about that any more.  I expect our government to actually fucking govern.

Here’s my promise.  I’ll actively campaign against every incumbent if no meaningful action is taken to address our daily tragedies.  I live in a blue state.  My congressman and both of my senators are democrats.  I’ll support their opponents if they don’t do something.

I’m sick of this.  I’m sick of the bullshit argument that all mass shooters are terrorists or mentally deranged.  I don’t fucking care.  Solve the god damn problem.  I no longer care that Americans get boners over guns.  Solve the problem.  I don’t care that we have more guns than the rest of the world combined.  Solve the problem.  I don’t care that we have the terrorist group NRA or the 2nd amendment.  Solve the fucking problem.  You’re not secretaries (well, maybe to the NRA you are), your job is to create solutions!  Solutions!  Not speeches, not pivots, not sound bites.  Fucking do something.  Every person in congress campaigned on being a leader, a doer, and problem solver.  We, the people, have received jack shit from our investment in these spineless hacks.

Do your fucking jobs, please.  Children are dying because congress fails.  Yes, I’ll reiterate that.  Sandy Hook, yesterday, those children died because congress didn’t do their jobs.  Left, right, I hold you all accountable.  Maybe you weren’t in office for Columbine or Sandy Hook, but you were in office yesterday.

What are you going to do?



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1 Response to Oh yay, thoughts and prayers

  1. Beth says:

    I’m with you, Extra Crispy. Something has to change and now. Tired of all these excuses for choosing guns over children.

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