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Pay attention to the Bat signal

For those just tuning in, I’m suicidal…every day.  I am told I have extreme suicidal ideation.  That means I think about being dead a lot.  So, if you happen to run into me, give me a high five because I … Continue reading

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It is apparently National Suicide Prevention week…

One would think I’d know that.  I’d really rather not.  I’d like to be just passively aware that people kill themselves and feel a detached sadness on their behalf.  I’m not.  I know 14,000 people try to kill themselves every … Continue reading

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Ten Days at Butler

So, I recently spent ten days at Butler. For those of you outside Rhode Island, Butler is a mental hospital. Going to Butler is local slang for crazy. Yes, I was locked up in the nuthouse…again. The third time was … Continue reading

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Suicide is not cowardly or selfish

I just came off a river trip where there was no electricity, wifi, or cell service. I wish I’d spent a few more days out there and returned when the world had moved on to some other event to devour. … Continue reading

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